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Narayana IAS Academy

Current affairs analysis

Monthly Current Affairs Magzine

NAARYANA IAS ACADEMY publishes a monthly magazine which serves the dual purpose of reaching out to the students in far-off and remote areas and providing reliable & quality study material, current affairs analysis, articles on various issues, solutions & discussion of past years’ question-papers, model test papers and various other information to the student community in general, and the Civil Services aspirants in particular. Apart from in-house magazine, various other relevant magazines will be made available to the students studying in the academy.

Library facilities


The campus has a big library with a vast collection of books / CD’s / DVD’s from various parts of global village that will support both academics and relevant information for Civil Services coaching for young talents. Students can access the finest selection of contemporary books and journals which supplement the prescribed reference books and textbooks. Library is augmented with books, periodicals, journals, magazines and other publications on a regular basis.

Architecting through IT

Computer Lab

Architecting through IT:: NICS campus has all the necessary latest hardware and software infrastructure to cater to the needs of all students, faculty and teaching needs. Students have the facility to assess themselves through an Error Analysis feedback form proforma and 24 assessment sheets generated by the computer. The campus is equipped with servers and multiple terminals with various operating systems, enabling a client-server environment internet connections (Wi-Fi) are also provided at the NICS campus which help the students in their continuous search for knowledge through World Wide Web.

Inculcate leadership qualities

Personality Development

Personality development grooms individuals and helps their mark a mark of their own. It not only makes them look good and presentable but also helps them face the world with a smile and a positive attitude. Our personality development programme is designed to inculcate leadership qualities such as honesty, integrity, self-confidence, motivating others, passion, communication skills, decision-making abilities, accountability, creativity, innovation, and a futuristic vision, among others.

Sports and Games

Sports And Extra Curricular Activites

Sports and games (indoor/outdoor) facilities are provided to develop perfect mind-body coordination. Indoor games like, carom boards, chess boards, Shuttle Badminton, table tennis, etc., and outdoor games like basketball, cricket, volley ball etc., are provided on campus as per the requirements.

Fitness center


An ultra-modern multi-gym has been established with complete facilities for physical fitness. The sessions of yoga, meditation, and motivation help students develop a competitive spirit without stress.

Hostel Facilities

Accomidaton & Food

Narayana IAS Academy provides excellent modern hostel facilities for students. Gentlemen’s and ladies’ hostels are located separately. The Hostel facilities are of high quality and well equipped. Some members of the teaching staff are appointed as resident tutors in the hostel. The mess is spacious, highly hygienic, and elegant. Internet and Computer Facilities are also available in the hostel. Students are given single, double & triple bedded rooms and each student is provided with a cot, table, a chair in their respective rooms. Each hostel unit has a reading room with newspapers, periodicals, and popular magazines, as well as a television room.

Safety & Security

Very Much Concerned About The Safety

NARAYANA IAS ACADEMY is very much concerned about the safety and security of the students. The entire campus is under CCTV surveillance. The college management conducts annual training for the staff to ensure that they are updated about safety policies, processes, and security measures. All furniture is student friendly and safe. The academy has a separate observatory, and all movements on the campus are monitored thoroughly under the supervision of a dedicated manager. An infirmary with a full-time nurse is also present on the campus. The Academy maintains ties with 2 hospitals to address any kind of emergency.